Masks + Disney [Honest Feedback]

wearing a mask at Disney

Let’s talk about ‘em because right now, they are required in all Disney parks and resorts.

And lets be honest…no one likes them. (Shoot, I can barely make it through Target without wanting to rip my face off.) But…if it means going on about your life and being able to *safely* travel, fine. I will loop the cutest mask around my ears and accept it as my new [temporary] normal.

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to spend a few days in Orlando and at Walt Disney World. We stayed in a deluxe studio at one of favorite Walt Disney World resorts, Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. (Mini photo tour here.)

The number one question I received via Facebook, Instagram and text while we were there was “Honestly…how were the masks?” So I am here to answer that question today for all of you with inquiring minds.

Overall, wearing a mask at Disney, in the August heat, for four days, was far (far) more manageable than we could have ever [ever] imagined. (Truth!) Maybe it’s because we were constantly distracted that we didn’t notice them as much; perhaps it’s because we were just happy to be strolling down Main Street USA again, no matter what was looped around our ears, but the honest truth is that the masks did not bother us one bit.

Notes from our experience & tips:

  • Gaitors and bandanas are not permitted in the parks. Masks must loop over both ears, cover your nose and secure under your chin. They can be cloth reusable masks or the disposable variety.
  • Yes, it was hot. But when is it NOT hot in Orlando? (Hint: Never.) Mommas, throw your hair up & get yourself a personal fan. Problem solved.
  • Kids ages 2+ must wear masks. While we did not travel with our children this trip, the overall feedback I’m receiving from clients is that the kids are completely compliant and not phased by them in the slightest. Even 3 year olds! #waytogokids
  • You can remove your masks while eating or drinking AND while stationary (sitting/standing). They are sticklers on this…trust me…you all know I always try to skirt the rules to find out how much we can really get away with. So what does this mean? LOTS of snacks. (And the adult kind, too.)
  • Pack multiple masks & laundry detergent to wash them. Like clothes, your masks need to be washed, soaked and sanitized daily.
  • For the cutest masks in the parks, my sweet friend and fellow Disney-lover Danielle at Bleu Bird Designs makes the most adorable Disney masks! She has TONS of designs, I found them to be extremely comfy + they are 100% Disney-approved!

Overall, would we do it all over again? Without a doubt. And we will be in just a few short months and next time with our kiddos in tow!

Questions about visiting theme parks and/or traveling in a mask? Drop them below! I’m always happy to give you honest feedback after experiencing it firsthand myself.

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