How To Access Rise of The Resistance at Walt Disney World or Disneyland

Rise of The Resistance at Walt Disney World or Disneyland

If you’re visiting Walt Disney World or Disneyland in the coming weeks or months, the only way to ride the brand new, highly anticipated Star Wars attraction, Rise of The Resistance, is the join a boarding group.

There are no FastPasses being offered at this time, nor is there a standby line available.

To join a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance, follow the steps below:

  • Download the Disney World (My Disney Experience) app or Disneyland app.
  • Create your Disney account if you do not have one already.
  • Log into your Disney account and ensure all tickets and reservations are linked prior to getting to the park.
  • Arrive EARLY! You will want to get to Hollywood Studios (at Walt Disney World) or Disneyland (park) at least one hour prior to park opening.
  • On your smartphone’s settings, turn “location” setting on and push notifications on for the Disney World/Disneyland app. (This is very important so that the app knows you’re in the park and can notify you.)
  • Ensure you have a very good signal.
  • As soon as you are through the turn styles at Hollywood Studios, and after the park’s “official” opening time, go into the app (IMMEDIATELY!) and locate “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance – Access By Boarding Group”.
  • Click “Join Boarding Group”. A notification will then be sent to you with a return time.
  • There are no standby lines or FastPasses for Rise of the Resistance.
  • Please note that joining a boarding group is the only way to access the ride, though does not guarantee your entrance onto the attraction.

We’re still learning more as we research the many different ways to access this new attraction and will keep this post up to date as we learn more.

Wishing you all the best of luck as you try to access this ever-so-popular attraction to join the collection of Star Wars attractions!

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