Uh oh! Is rain predicted in the forecast for your Disney vacation? Don’t worry…it happens, and especially in Orlando, but being properly prepared for a rainy day in the parks will make for all the difference in the world.

Take it from us…we have been there, done that, blow dried shoes back in the hotel room and even took notes along the way to help you be as prepared as possible!

Below are five tips for braving the rain in Disney World and Disneyland: 

  1. Prepare yourself for (and enjoy!) a near empty park. When it rains in the Disney parks, it deters local guests and annual passholders from visiting the parks, which means less crowds. Less crowds means you can enjoy walking onto the rides with little to no wait, as well as empty streets and sidewalks, which means you’re not running into others down Main Street. Little to no crowds also means short (if any) lines for food!
  2. Pack your rain gear, especially if heavy rain is in the forecast. I’m not talking a simple, thin rain poncho. I’m talking rain boots, raincoats, a heavy ponchos & umbrellas. Though these items may seem heavy and unnecessary to pack, you will need them and you will be so glad you have them if you get caught in a rainstorm. (Take it from someone who has personally blow dried her entire family’s shoes back at the hotel room in an effort to keep our feet wet and dry!)While Disney does typically sell ponchos and umbrellas, they do not carry rain boots or rain coats in their gift shops so I highly recommend packing your own. I also highly recommend packing a lightweight pair of shoes in your park bag to change into during the rain in order to keep your shoes dry.
  3. Keep your strollers dry. Invest in stroller covers (there are many different varieties on Amazon) and use extra ponchos or waterproof blankets to keep the seats dry. Always park in covered stroller parking areas if/when possible. Cut through restaurants or gift shops to get to where you’re going to avoid the rain and keep those strollers (and your children)  as dry as possible.
  4. Complete all indoor attractions/activities during the rain to keep dry.  Despite what many believe, there are quite a few indoor attractions at each park, as well as indoor or covered waiting queues. (Dumbo the Flying Elephant has, by far, the best waiting queue for kids. It’s like a playground! Take advantage of it!) If the outdoor attractions are must-do’s, borrow a hand towel (or two!) from the hotel to wipe off wet seats or to sit on wet rides.
  5. Choose a park that is better suited for rainy days. Epcot tends to be a better park for rainy days as most major attractions are covered, specifically those in Future World, so you only have to be outdoors when walking from pavilion to pavilion. Soarin, The Land and The Seas with Nemo & Friends all have restaurants connected to the attraction so you don’t even need to expose yourself to the elements to grab a quick bite to eat! Animal Kingdom is a park I recommend avoiding on rainy days as most every attraction is outdoors and many rides and animal viewing areas will close due to any major storms and/or lightning. If Animal Kingdom is on your itinerary on a particularly rainy day, indoor attractions include Na’Vi River Journey, Flight of Passage, Festival of the Lion King, It’s Tough to Be a Bug and Finding Nemo the Musical. Enjoy these attractions while remaining dry!

Whatever you do…don’t avoid the parks just because of the rain because after all…a rainy day in Disney is better than a rainy day anywhere else! A positive outlook and a rain coat can make all the difference in the world! And remember…despite any chances of rain, you can still have a wonderful time in the parks, but even more so if you are properly prepared.

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